Cilantro Road

Lifestyle Medicine with Rachael McGrath

The Coaching Experience

A series of virtual 1-on-1 sessions
focused on you & your health

Do you want to reconnect to your true self? Are you unsure where to start on your journey towards health? Are you ready to fall in love with your life?

I believe we all possess the innate wisdom and power to heal and live in vibrant alignment with our own true nature. Helping you connect with that inner guidance is my intention in working with you.




Intro Session – 20 minutes – Free
The purpose of this session is not to coach, but to gather and share information so that both of us can decide if we want to proceed to working together. 

Foundation Session – 60 minutes – $95.00
In this session, we’ll explore your story, what your long-term health and self-care vision is, what's most important to you, what you do well and feel good about in your life, and what you feel you want to do in order to move toward your vision.

Check-in Session – 30 minutes – $50.00
This is a session to check-in on how you are doing and feeling and to offer any support you may need to stay on track.

Packages available and tailored to individual needs with a discount.
Group sessions and offerings available upon request.

You get to decide what you need most, and for how long.

But together, we might explore your habits and choices through questions like:  

What foods are you eating? 
What type of self-talk do you participate in? 
How much joy do you experience in your life? 
Do your relationships bring you a sense of peace or do they drain you? 


"Rachael is incredibly kind, supportive and accepting. A very good listener, she was fantastic at helping me zero in on what mattered to me most and helping me define a clear goal that I could achieve in between sessions. She was easy to talk to and allowed me to feel comfortable to unload what was on my mind and share what I was feeling. She also inspired me to try new things when I was feeling stuck and followed up every session with resources and a question or two for me to think about in relation to what we had talked about. It helped me do some mind and soul searching during the week, which is exactly what I needed to move me forward in creating a better version of myself. I remember looking forward to our sessions every week as I felt empowered afterwards and hopeful for the future."

I help people draw on internal strengths, deepen self-knowledge, and embrace strategies to better manage their day-to-day health through a philosophy of radical self-care.